SmartIT at Experts Live Switzerland: Community makes us #vörner

Among other conferences, Experts Live Switzerland is a fixed date on the calendars of many of our SmartIT engineers and consultants. To be inspired in sessions with new technical content and to exchange ideas in the breaks with known and unknown like-minded people is part of the SmartIT culture we call #vörner (which roughly translates as “#edgier”).

Thanks to our smart workplace, Microsoft Teams and many other modern technologies, we have been able to continue to perform our tasks during Corona. Even personal exchanges in virtual break rooms or the like have been possible. Mastering this special time of social distancing has brought us closer together as SmartIT. 

Committed, flexible and sincere - Our values
And yet there was no real interaction! Not only the informal interchanges during coffee breaks or over a beer after work, but also the sharing of common goals, new technologies, ideas and plans that SmartIT actively encourages. Expanding on, sharing and passing on knowledge was somehow just not the same as when we could do it in the same room. This is exactly what we do at regular intervals in formats like our Microsoft Forum, for example. Because our goal is to be vörner, on the cutting edge. We want to be at the forefront. 

But not just because it's fun or out of pure self-interest. We are pursuing this goal in order to be able to provide top performance for our customers as a team. In addition to the internal communication platforms mentioned above, we also support advanced training and attendance at conferences such as ExpertsLive Switzerland. In interaction with experts beyond the boundaries of the company, we see countless advantages both in taking and giving, and we value the community spirit. 

Be there and win a great prize
As an expression of the appreciation of this community and the valuable interaction within it, we are the proud gold sponsor of this year's ExpertsLive Switzerland. As you all probably do, we hope that the conference can still take place physically despite the postponement.  We are especially looking forward to the many exciting technical inputs during the sessions and the in-depth discussions from IT professional to IT professional at our SmartIT booth on the piazza.

But that’s not all! #vörner also includes a competition with great prizes. Guess the number of Smarties in the container at our stand, fill out the competition sheet, toss it into the box and with a little luck you will be the one who comes closest to the actual number of Smarties and win one of the following prizes:

1st Place A day at the spa and dining package for 2
2nd Place A DartleType laser keyboard
3rd Place A retro mini gaming machine with 2 controllers

The winners will be announced during the closing session at ExpertsLive Switzerland.

So you don't just want to benefit from inspiring sessions and a valuable presentation at the conference, but would also like to win one of these prizes? Then stop by the SmartIT stand, give us your tip and become #vörner.